Biometric Time & Attendance

An innovative biometric fingerprint readers for Time & Attendance applications offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed, the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and ZK high-performance, high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor. with many sizes of TFT can display more information vividly, including user photo, fingerprint image quality and verification result etc. supported with function keys are used to change the attendance status, work-code or to browse the short message, and can be user defined. TCP/IP communication is standard and will ensure that data transmission between the terminal and PC is error free.

Fingerprint/Keypad Deadbolt

Allowing quick and convenient access, the BL100 biometric deadbolt is a perfect solution to protecting your home! The rugged, high security and bump proof BL100 deadbolt has advanced biometric technology and illuminated keypad for easy visibility. Users can open a door by just the touch of a finger, entering a 4-digit PIN or using a traditional key for peace of mind. Then to lock the door, just press the “Lock?button once ?it’s that simple. Scilox?BL100 provides convenient key-less access and is ideal for side & back doors, interior garage entry doors, executive offices and storage/inventory rooms. Installation is simple, as you will not need to modify your existing door in most cases. BL100 runs on four ?AA batteries and it alerts users when battery is low. In the event of power failure, the BL100 is also equipped with a 9V external battery backup connector. Simply connect any 9V battery to the connector and the power will be instantly restored to the BL100. BL100 can store up to 100 fingerprints and programming the lock is very easy. BL100 will allow you to add, delete, enable and disable individual users as you see fit. Now you can totally eliminate the need for keys. When accessing your home or office, you never have to worry about having to leave your house key under the mat or figuring out a way to lend your key to visiting family when you're not around, or worst yet, having to come back home because a family member got accidently locked out. BL100 comes standard with limited 5 year mechanical/finish warranty and 1 year electronics warranty.

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